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Here are the most frequently asked questions about LCP's summer internship programme.

Summer Intern FAQs - It's your potential


A: Due to the nature of the work undertaken in our internship programme across the departments, we ask for a minimum grade requirement. The minimum requirement depends on the department. We do consider any extenuating circumstances.

    • Digital services - Pensions & Investment Modelling - A Level Maths A grade - Degree STEM subject 2:1
    • DC Investment & Governance - A Level STEM subject A grade - Degree 2:1 any subject
    • Energy Modelling & Data Analytics - A Level Maths A grade - Degree STEM subject 2:1
    • Insurance Analytics - A Level Maths A grade - Degree STEM subject 2:1
    • Insurance Consulting - A Level Maths A grade - Degree 2:1 any subject
    • Investment Consulting - A Level STEM subject A grade - Degree 2:1 any subject
    • Pensions Actuarial Consulting - A Level Maths A grade - Degree 2:1 any subject
    • Pensions Management Consulting - A-levels to a high standard - Degree 2:1 any subject

We do take into account school and college location and any other personal factors that may have impacted performance. As part of the application process we offer everyone the chance to fill in a form to put their results into context which can give us a better indication of your potential. Please be aware that the information you give will not put you at a disadvantage, but it might allow for a positive uplift in your academic grades.

Our recruitment process is not looking to catch you out but support you in showcasing your skills and knowledge. If you require any reasonable adjustments, please let us know by emailing

Q: When does the summer internship commence?

A: Our summer intern programme typically commences in early July.

Q: How long will the internship last?

A: The programme usually lasts for six to nine weeks, depending on the department. We may consider shorter or longer placements at our discretion

Q: Is this a paid internship?

A: Yes, we pay our interns and cover travel expenses if you are asked to attend a meeting outside your assigned office.

Q: I have already graduated from university, will you still consider me for a summer internship?

A: We will consider applications from candidates of all backgrounds providing they demonstrate an interest in the work that we do and meet our summer intern programme requirements.

Q: I am in my first year of university, would you consider me? 

A: Internships are normally granted to undergraduates in the penultimate year of their degree (with a view to potentially joining the following year’s graduate intake). However, if you have a strong interest in our work and meet our requirements, we will consider your application.

Q: I am going on holiday over the summer, do you offer an internship programme at any other time of year?

A: Typically, we only offer internships over the summer, although in exceptional circumstances we are willing to consider alternative dates for candidates who meet our requirements and can demonstrate a keen interest in the work we do.

Q: Will I be able to experience working in more than one department during my internship?

A: Our summer internships are based in one department so that you can get a true sense of the work and get involved with projects in the team.

Q: Can I apply for more than one department?

A: You can apply for up to two departments only during a 12-month period.

Q: Which departments are available in the UK offices?

A: Our internships are available in two of our UK offices, across seven departments:

Find out more about the varied and interesting departments you could work in here.

If you would like to apply for a department available in both offices, you will be given the option to select which offer you prefer during the application process.

Q: Will I get involved in client work?

A: Our summer internships are a mixture of project and client-based work so you get a true sense of the work the team does as well as a varied workload whilst you’re with us.

Q: What is the social life like during the internship?

A: During your time with us you are treated like any other team member and will be invited to any departmental and firmwide socials that are happening at the time. You are also very welcome to join our range of sports and social clubs to get a real feel for life at LCP and the activities on offer. 

Q: Will I be offered a graduate job after the internship?

A: Alongside the summer internship offering candidates experience in the role, we also use it as a feeder for our graduate programme. If both sides are happy to continue the relationship and your performance has been strong throughout the internship, then we would look to offer you a graduate role for the following September. 

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